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FINE 1200C STROBE is a high-power, multi-functional and high brightness super strobe effect light. Its maximum power reaches 1250W. The optical system consists of LED Strobe Tube and LED Strobe Panel. The LED Strobe Tube in the center of the fixture is made up of 180 pieces of 10W cold-white light source LED and a strip optical lens with a light angle of 60 degrees. It is divided into 10 segments. Each segment can be controlled individually and can create various flow-water strobe effects. It can also make strong white strobe effects by the combination of the white LED effect timings. The LED Strobe Panel surrounding the LED Strobe Tube consists of 1000 pieces of RGB LEDs with light angle of 130 degrees. It is divided into 40 segments. All 40 RGB segments can be controlled individually. When working as a wash light all RGB segments can be controlled by one master dimmer and complete color mixing is possible; it makes uniform light and outstanding color mixing effect. The LED Strobe Panel can be used as a RGB strobe light by the combination of three channels: RGB effect time 1, RGB effect time 2 and RGB effect; it can achieve rich light effects by changing fade in/out time, movement direction of LED tube and LED plane, shape of LED tube and LED plane, background dimming etc.
It features dynamic movement with 182 degrees of tilt. Multiple lights can be connected horizontally to work as one light. Each light can be used as a 10*4 pixel matrix. It can create bitmap effects when connecting with multiple lights. The advanced heat dissipation design prevents LEDs from damage when all colors are constantly working on full dimmer or using the instant high speed strobe effect.
FINE 1200C Strobe is a simple, compact, small and light weight strobe light (11 kg), which is suitable for bars, stages, dramas, concerts, online variety shows and other performance venues. If looking to pick up locally please contact us for specific availability.

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