Impression X4 XL Custom RGBY Engine Moving Light


Location: CANADA
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The incredible light output of 55 high power RGBW LEDs (each rated at 15W) coupled with the highly efficient 7 - 50° zoom lense make the impression X4 XL unique and unmatched in the lighting market.

The optics, originally from the approved impression X4, gives a well defined beam, complete with hard edge in the lower zoom range whilst remaining absolutely homogenous and soft edged at wider angles. Another highlight is the stylish housing with a baseless design.

RGBW color mixing, variable CTO and a finely tuned dimming curve are standard in the impression X4 XL. The impression X4 XL features individually controllable LEDs allowing a range of different patterns to be created and displayed on the front lenses, including arrows, numbers, letters and much more, either from stock patterns or through user created patterns. If looking to pick up locally please contact us for specific availability.

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