MAC III AirFX 200-240v


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The 1500-watt MAC III AirFX is an extremely bright and highly versatile lighting fixture, a new concept that combines hard-edge, mid-air effects and a beautiful wash field in one luminaire. Capable of projecting a dense, hard-edge beam with stunning mid-air aerial effects, the fixture’s unique optical system allows it to adjust from a tight beam to a radiant wash instantly for greater design flexibility.

Beam gobo projections can adjust along the entire zoom range for a diverse variety of mid-air looks. Unlike other fixtures, the MAC III AirFX maintains high efficiency throughout the entire zoom range with a fully linear zoom that gives no visible beam jump from tight to wide.

Super bright, the MAC III AirFX is powerful enough to cut through light from even the most powerful LED screens.

4 aerial effects - all rotating and replaceable
Fade-in frost filter for wash effect
Iris / Dimmer / Shutter
59,500 lm output
Beam, mid-air effects and wash luminaire in one
10-47° linear zoom with linked focus
9” clear, precision PC lens (optional Fresnel)
CMY color mixing plus color wheel
Variable CTO. If looking to pick up locally please contact us for specific availability.

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