Mini Xtylos HPE Laser Moving Light

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Location: USA
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Light Source: Tailor-made laser engine, enclosed in a sealed module
Long lasting light source (20,000 hours) with minimal decay
Solid, flat field, saturated, ultraconcentrated light beam without any visible hotspots.
Aperture: 1°-7° range (up to 0.5° using beam diameter reducers)
RGB additive colour mixing, with exclusive Turbo-colours
BLazer graphic effects
One wheel with 7 rotating gobos
One wheel with 12 static gobo slots: 5 gobos and 7 beam reducers
One wheel with 3 prisms and 1 soft-edge frost filter
Sixteen-facet prism on a dedicated channel
Ultra-precise 24-bit digital dimmer
**FAA usage restrictions and permission may apply for the use of this fixture. Talk to your rep for more details.
Power Connector: TRUE1 in/out, TRUE1 to Edison, L5-20, L6-15 or PowerCON adapters available by request
Data Connector: XLR5 in/thru
CPU: 3.3.000
Fixture with omega brackets, clamps, & safety cable: 58 lbs. If looking to pick up locally please contact us for specific availability.

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